Beautiful Picture of Dubai from my office

Misty Dubai


Jlo in Dubai!!

It was 10 days ago but, you will agree with me that better late than never. Let me report what went on in the eve of the 22nd of November 2012.. Ups! well, it is on the title! So bad for the surprise!

Jlo came to Dubaiiiiii!!

It was a great concert and I enjoyed every minute of it. Of course her energy and the easy-to-sing-along songs, choreographies and all the audio, video, lights and confetti show she put together for us was a big part of it, but being there with my hubby and friends and dance and sing (if you dare to call that singing!!) it was just priceless.

The music set our spirits high and we had a really great night. There was even some funny moment, when someone gave her a Lebanon flag and she put it around and started playing with it like if it was the UAE’s. Boy! That was hilarious, she really didn’t know. But I don’t blame her. Until I came here, I didn’t know either! In our group there were some Lebanese, you can imagine how much fun and pride they took from the mistake!

I must say that she showed herself as a very humble person and was grateful for the attendance and for the great vibe. Yay! right! Same as Madonna. Who knows, maybe some divas are human too??

PS: Enjoy the video and check the amazing dresses.. and the hair!..


Leli G