Christmas Decor…Your feedback!

belenHi all,

What do you set up in your house for Christmas?

Do you go all the way and the house looks like a Shopping mall in Dubai? (Honestly you have to see them!). Or do you stay humble and just do some little embellishments? ( some balls and candles)

Maybe you just don’t bother to décor, as there is already so much decoration around, you feel there is no need.

The fact of having children in the house is a factor to consider, as we all want them to feel the Christmas spirit and it is a great activity to share within the family.

I want to share this poll with all of you and remember your opinion is very important to me and to all the rest of the community. Feel free to add all your decorations, it will give us ideas!!

Have fun!!

Araceli G

Photography contest En Mi Salsa- In my Element

Hi all!

The idea is to look for a pic or a logo that represents the spirit of the blog. The motto is “Doing what we enjoy most”. The name “En Mi Salsa- In my Element”.
The theme is absolutely free and you can use any program, just make sure the pics have a decent resolution and size.
The selected pictures will be shown on the blog and on the FB page for everybody to vote.
The deadline to send the pics will be on the 15/01/2013 but you can start sending your pics from today. The email you need to send the pics is The event is featured on the Events of the FaceBook page. See the link just here.
Please promote the contest, send it to all your friends and colleagues, press the like bottom and enjoy the art the photography by participating.
Any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Happy photography!
Araceli G

Jlo in Dubai!!

It was 10 days ago but, you will agree with me that better late than never. Let me report what went on in the eve of the 22nd of November 2012.. Ups! well, it is on the title! So bad for the surprise!

Jlo came to Dubaiiiiii!!

It was a great concert and I enjoyed every minute of it. Of course her energy and the easy-to-sing-along songs, choreographies and all the audio, video, lights and confetti show she put together for us was a big part of it, but being there with my hubby and friends and dance and sing (if you dare to call that singing!!) it was just priceless.

The music set our spirits high and we had a really great night. There was even some funny moment, when someone gave her a Lebanon flag and she put it around and started playing with it like if it was the UAE’s. Boy! That was hilarious, she really didn’t know. But I don’t blame her. Until I came here, I didn’t know either! In our group there were some Lebanese, you can imagine how much fun and pride they took from the mistake!

I must say that she showed herself as a very humble person and was grateful for the attendance and for the great vibe. Yay! right! Same as Madonna. Who knows, maybe some divas are human too??

PS: Enjoy the video and check the amazing dresses.. and the hair!..


Leli G

2nd of December. Union Day.

Today it is a glorious day, it is very sunny and it is bank holiday!! So, we sit by the Baker & Spice in Dubai Marina around 11.00 to read and write and check the people around…Thanks Universe, I was really needing the time off!

Here today we celebrate the Union of the seven emirates into what it is called: United Arab Emirates,.. a great country and now, my home.(applause).

Sheikh Mohammed (the ruler of Dubai, and VP of the UAE) has sent each of us, even expats, an SMS.. I promise I don’t have this kind of connections ( as yet!), but I find it awesome that he makes us part of his celebrations with his very nice message.

Check it out!

“Dear citizens & Residents of the UAE. I am delighted to congratulate you, and my brother Sheikh Khalifa, President of the UAE, as we celebrate the 41st anniversary of the UAE. This is a day of joy & pride, in which we remember the inspiring journey of our founding fathers and look ahead towards a bright future of endless possibilities.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum”

I hope Etisalat and Du discount the telephone bill of the Sheikh this month!! I always fear the bills in Xmas because of all the texting … and well, here we are around 8 million souls with phones! Do the counting!!

Happy Union’s Day to all!!

(Even to the ones that are not in the UAE. Union is nice, not matter how you put it!)



Leli G


UAE Flags they gave us @ the Dubai Mall.

UAE Flags they gave us @ the Dubai Mall.

Che che cheeeee change!

Hi everybody!!
I have been thinking and thinking and well I realised that now I need to make a change on the blog. I guess I am changing and the blog needs to adapt to the new me. On the other hand, I haven’t written as much as I wanted. Work and life kept me busy and it has not been easy to cope with it all.
To catch up a bit, I can tell you I started some more hobbies. One being an old time lover of mine but now with new tools and gadgets to make me fly… don’t start guessing ( I don’t know where it might end up!) it is PHOTOGRAPHY. And the new baby is the NIKON D5100 with the entire set ( Objectives, tripod, UV lenses and even a crash course..). Well, you know me.. I go all the way!!
The other interest came inevitably of being based now in Dubai.. Well, this one might be more obvious.. Guess, Guess,… Camel rides? Nope.., Petrol finding? Nope… FASHION and SHOPS!! Yay!.
I always liked it, just that in Jamaica couldn’t have my dose. Now, probably I am overdosing!!
The other change, you might have noticed already.. the language. I am Spanish but have been living in English speaking countries for the longest while.. I am more Spanglish than ever.. also my new community here doesn’t speak Spanish or very little, so as I know most of you out there, can understand ( and even misunderstand!) English.. This would be the new language for the blog.
Hope you enjoy the changes and the new sections!


Leli G

Makinikona in action!

Makinikona in action!

Vídeos de una conferencia que organizó Telefónica sobre emprendeduría.

Vídeos de una conferencia que organizó Telefónica. Van de como usar los Social Media y da ejemplos de emprendedores, realmente inspiradores.

Para organizar eventos :Ticketea, para encontrar trabajo: Currofile, para colaborar: Greenpeace y el mejor… el Taxista de Oviedo 3.0. Brutal! Os lo aconsejo mucho.

Es algo largo, pero en la parte de las ponencias podéis ir seleccionándolas.

Un abrazo y disfrutad de estos ejemplos de ¨Thinkoutthebox!¨

P.S: Como no está en Youtube ni en Vimeo ni en Google no puedo subíroslo con las herramientas de WordPress ( o quizás sí, pero no sé como, jeje).Solo tenéis que clicar en el link de abajo.