Business and Inspiration

The most important decision tree you might have to face in your life.

It is not contradictory.. I want to put together Business and Inspiration because I see them very much related. To create a business you need to have inspiration, like any other creation.

Also, to run a business successfully you need to be aligned, feel focused and be balanced.. I read a lot of inspirational books, podcast, videos, blogs.. and they help, or at least they help me!.. There is nothing better that some refreshing read or some meditation after work to unplug and unwind.

These inspirational materials give insight to someone else’s experiences and you can learn from it, although we are all different and what worked for one might be a total disaster for the other. You know you will have to assess your particular situation and see if those  solutions would assist you specifically or not.

When you are down, broken hearted, depressed or just don’t feel aligned, it is when we tend to go back to this literature looking for advise, refuge, or just to have some time for ourselves to concentrate on us and how we are feeling.

The business world is an emotional rollercoaster for the entrepreneurs. One day everything is shiny and looks like there is going to be total success, the next day, you might feel just the opposite.

Please feel free to email me your favourite speakers or speeches, so that we can share them with our little but amazing community. If you are a coach, business person or a macaroni lover and want to speak about a particular topic, you are very welcome to do so here.

Thanks for your sharing!

Araceli G



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