Che che cheeeee change!

Hi everybody!!
I have been thinking and thinking and well I realised that now I need to make a change on the blog. I guess I am changing and the blog needs to adapt to the new me. On the other hand, I haven’t written as much as I wanted. Work and life kept me busy and it has not been easy to cope with it all.
To catch up a bit, I can tell you I started some more hobbies. One being an old time lover of mine but now with new tools and gadgets to make me fly… don’t start guessing ( I don’t know where it might end up!) it is PHOTOGRAPHY. And the new baby is the NIKON D5100 with the entire set ( Objectives, tripod, UV lenses and even a crash course..). Well, you know me.. I go all the way!!
The other interest came inevitably of being based now in Dubai.. Well, this one might be more obvious.. Guess, Guess,… Camel rides? Nope.., Petrol finding? Nope… FASHION and SHOPS!! Yay!.
I always liked it, just that in Jamaica couldn’t have my dose. Now, probably I am overdosing!!
The other change, you might have noticed already.. the language. I am Spanish but have been living in English speaking countries for the longest while.. I am more Spanglish than ever.. also my new community here doesn’t speak Spanish or very little, so as I know most of you out there, can understand ( and even misunderstand!) English.. This would be the new language for the blog.
Hope you enjoy the changes and the new sections!


Leli G

Makinikona in action!

Makinikona in action!



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