2nd of December. Union Day.

Today it is a glorious day, it is very sunny and it is bank holiday!! So, we sit by the Baker & Spice in Dubai Marina around 11.00 to read and write and check the people around…Thanks Universe, I was really needing the time off!

Here today we celebrate the Union of the seven emirates into what it is called: United Arab Emirates,.. a great country and now, my home.(applause).

Sheikh Mohammed (the ruler of Dubai, and VP of the UAE) has sent each of us, even expats, an SMS.. I promise I don’t have this kind of connections ( as yet!), but I find it awesome that he makes us part of his celebrations with his very nice message.

Check it out!

“Dear citizens & Residents of the UAE. I am delighted to congratulate you, and my brother Sheikh Khalifa, President of the UAE, as we celebrate the 41st anniversary of the UAE. This is a day of joy & pride, in which we remember the inspiring journey of our founding fathers and look ahead towards a bright future of endless possibilities.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum”

I hope Etisalat and Du discount the telephone bill of the Sheikh this month!! I always fear the bills in Xmas because of all the texting … and well, here we are around 8 million souls with phones! Do the counting!!

Happy Union’s Day to all!!

(Even to the ones that are not in the UAE. Union is nice, not matter how you put it!)



Leli G


UAE Flags they gave us @ the Dubai Mall.

UAE Flags they gave us @ the Dubai Mall.



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